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Route: Krakow-Swiatniki Gorne-Dobczyce-Mszana Dolna-Zabrzez-Kroscienko nad Dunajcem (120 km)


Sunday 8 June: Rheine - Görlitz / Monday 9 June: Zgorzelec-Krakow (train)

Train from Germany (Schönes wochenend ticket: Rheine-Görlitz, €28); nice little camping in Zgorzelec (Görlitz' twin city just across the Neisse river in Poland). Next day another train to Krakow with a stop over in Wroclaw for €10. Beautiful historical city centre. Camping Krakowianka is close to the centre, good facilities, cheap (€2) and a safe (24hr/day security) choice.

Tuesday 10 June: Krakow-Swiatniki Gorne-Dobczyce-Mszana Dolna-Zabrzez-Kroscienko nad Dunajcem, 120 km.

Hilly countryside, quiet and good back roads. Area looks quite wealthy. Many small shops along the way and internet cafes in almost every town. Basic campground in Kroscienko, a charming tourist place at the entrance of the Dunajec river gorge and the Pieniny National park.

Dunajec river

E-mail messages :

Date: Mon, 9 June 2003, Wroclaw, Poland

I'm now in an internet cafe at Wroclaw central station, checking my e-mail and waiting for another train to Krakow.
Had a good journey by train yesterday, trains were not crowded at all, because of the hot weather.

Yesterday evening I found a campsite in Zgorzelec, just across the border of Görlitz. Took an early morning train to this place, the whole journey to Krakow cost me about 10 euro, which isn't too bad.
The weather is still pretty good, only some rain during the night. Ok, i must go now, my next train will leave soon.

Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003, Kroscienko

I'm now in an internet place in Kroscienko, a border town near the Slovakian/Polish border. Just started my trip in Krakow, a very beautiful city, from where i headed south for about 120 km. Nice mountainous countryside like the french Vosges, quiet back roads. The area looks quite prosperous and the road conditions pretty good, there are even bicycle lanes in Krakow.
Along the road you can find everywhere bars, kiosks to buy food & drinks for less. Campgrounds are good and not expensive as well, 2 euros. Plan for tomorrow: cycling along the Dunajec through the canyon in the Pieniny national park into Slovakia, heading towards the Tatra mountains.