Scandinavia 2001: Laidback to Lofoten



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Friday 8 june, 93 km

Diphoorn-Westenesch-Valthe-(via Valtherdijk)- Zandberg -Sellingerbeetse-Jipsinghuizen-Fort Bourtange-Neurhede (D) - Rhede-(bike path Ems)-Diele-Stapelmoor-Weener-Leer

By bicycle from Drenthe to the fortified town of Bourtange. Beyond Rhede (Germany) nice bike paths along the Ems river to the east-Frisian city of Leer.

Province of Drenthe, NL

SyltSaturday, 9 june

Train from Leer - Bremen - Hamburg - Elmshorn to Westerland (Sylt)

From Leer by train ("Schönes Wochenend-ticket", 40 DM). Via Bremen, Hamburg and Elmshorn to the Wadden isle of Sylt. Beach resort Westerland very commercial, access to the beach restricted to customers only.

Sunday 10 june, 111 km

Westerland-List-ferry to Havneby, Rømø (DK)- (Vestkystruten 1)-Ribe-Gredstedbro-Esbjerg-Hjerting-Sjælborg

From List ferry to the Danish Wadden Island Rømø. Weather changes: heavy showers with lots of wind instead of sunshine. On the mainland I follow bike route no. 1, which forms part of the new North Sea Cycle route network. Path is very rough, not nice for my recumbent small front tyre. From Ribe other local routes (10, 11) to Esbjerg. Camping near Sjælborg.

Monday 11 june, 129 km

Sjælborg-Oksbøl-Blåbjerg-Nymindegab-Hvide Sande-Husby Klitplantage

Again on route 1, rolling hills and well paved back roads. Library in Oksbøl has fast internet connection to check e-mail. After the 64 m forested Blåbjerg hill nice bike paths through dunal landscapes. However, in the many beach resorts the route changes into more difficult rougher dirt roads. Main road is no option: busy, windy and rather dull long and straight. Near Husby I camp on a "Naturlejrplads", a primitive nature campsite.

Bicycle route no. 1

Tuesday 12 june, 130 km

Sønder Nissum-Torsminde-Trans-Ferring-Strande-Harboør-Thyborøn (ferry)-Agger-Ørum-Skyum-Vilsund Vest-Sundby (Mors)-Flade-Sejerslev

After Nissum Fjord landscape changes from dunes into more open & wide rolling farmland. Reminds me of Southern England. Beyond Agger I head east, leaving the no. 1 route behind. Back road from Sundby to Flade on the beautiful Island of Mors is one of the most scenic roads in Jutland. Cats on farm camping in Sejerslev almost ruin my tent :-(

Hanklit, Lejrplads

Wednesday 13 june, 153 km

Sejerslev- ferry Feggesund-Øsløs-Gøttrup-Bonderup-Brovst-Åbybro-Nørre Halne-Grindsted-Klokkerholm-Hellum-Thorshøj-Gærum-Frederikshavn

Strong tailwinds and rather bleak rolling farmlands. At the Stena Line ferry terminal in Frederikshavn I purchase a cheap ticket to Oslo (100 Dkr ~ $ 11). In the forest near the city I camp on another "Lejrplads" close to bike route no. 5. Nice nature site with fireplace and -wood, picknick table and 2 shelters.

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